For over a decade the creator of Bitcoin has been an anonymous crypto myth.  That ended on Sunday, August 18th, 2019 when Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto released Part I of, “My Reveal” on the website, his Renaissance Holdings site, and, the website for Ivy McLemore & Associates.

It shocked the world when the visionary Bitcoin creator and founder of Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings made the announcement that he was going to reveal the origins of his legendary pseudonym and the meaning behind the word Bitcoin during the first segment of the three-part, three days reveal called “My Reveal” through the mediums of and

The second and third installments were debuted the following days, Monday, August 19th and Tuesday, August 20th. “My Reveal” gave up his true identity, told where he is from, information about his education and previous careers, and why he had not yet transferred his 980,000 bitcoins. 

During the revelation of Nakamoto’s details, he showed how encryption and ciphers worked with his belief in Chaldean numerology and how it assisted him with decisions he had to make while creating Bitcoin. He also revealed why the date of August 18th was so important in his revelations as well as registering back in 2008 via The third part of his revelations came on Tuesday, August 20th, and told of how he was introduced to Tabula Rasa, the rebirth of Bitcoin and the need for a clean slate, and declared his identity.

These revelations of one of the most private and well-guarded individuals on the planet and his corporation rocked the world and left an impression upon the millions who turned in to the three-part series to learn more about the man and the myth behind the revolutionary development of an alternative to conventional currency and payment networks.

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